Play Time for Kids

When School’s Out! Play In! We invite children up to age 10 to play after 3:00 PM. Join in the fun! Call KidzGoodie Customer Center for more information: +88 0123 456 766 or send us an email at kidzgoodie.zooka@i.o. Regular admission and rules apply.


We organize lots of educational games for developing social skills and cognition.


We serve healthy food and drinks for your kids every two hours with a very reasonable charge.


Our skillful teachers will lead the crowd with various interesting activities.


Anything that your kids might want from books to toys of all kinds, they are always at hand and free to use.

The time children spend after-school might influence their development to a certain extent. Hence, we have designed a purposeful and meaningful collection of after-school activities for your kids. Through after-school activities, children can develop social skills, improve their academic performance, and establish strong relationships with caring adults.

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